How does it work

Is this a platform something for you?

We tried to make this system as simple as possible so that it would be immediately clear to everyone. See below in a few steps how easily and quickly you can create an event and share it with the participants.

1. Create your account

Everything starts as an organiser with creating your free account. From here you can create different events for which you want to organise a carpool. There is no limit to the number of events per account.

2. Start an event

When you have created your account you can start creating your first event. An event can be a trip, weekend, ... As long as you have to carpool from location A to location B, we will see this here as an "event". Enter the destination of the event, as well as some extra information for the participants and possibly a photo. Press "Save" and you are ready to share the URL!

3. Control panel

On your event management page you can find the URL that you can share with the participants. The event is only visible via that URL.
From now on it will be necessary to wait until free places are posted. As soon as there are free places, you can view and manage them in your event management panel. You can also choose to be kept informed if new free places are added.

4. After the event

After the event, the public URL is placed inactive. This way we avoid that the data on this page remains public. You can still access it via the management panel or you can choose to permanently delete the event.

Get started!

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