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Why carpooling?

Carpooling has several advantages, which is why we will briefly explain them here.

First of all, it is a social event. Participants get to know each other and it might create friendships. In addition, it is also cost-effective for both the organization and the participants themselves. The organisation does not have to buy tickets for public transport and / or the participants can divide the costs by the number of people who travel along. This is of course not a requirement.
At carpooling we are also flexible, with which we can drive to the front door of the event, trip or weekend. Or it can be a challenging journey where the car stops a few kilometers further and the journey must be continued with a map and compass.

Anyone who says carpooling immediately thinks of our nature. If everyone shared the car with a few colleagues, there would be up to 70% fewer cars during peak hours. By carpooling, we can save more than a million liters of fuel per day. In addition, 3 kilotons of greenhouse gases (CO2) will be gone out of our air. That is the annual electricity consumption of nearly 3000 households.

What should we pay attention to during carpooling?

First, make clear agreements. This starts with an appointment at a certain location. It is enormously frustrating if you are not 100% sure where the others will be waiting, while they may not even be there. Therefore always ensure that contact details have been exchanged. In this way you can still inform each other in unforeseen circumstances. As a driver you are legally responsible for the safety of the other carpool partners. Always drive carefully and ensure that the car is always well maintained and safe.
Also make agreements about smoking in the car, radio, ...

With these tips and common sense, the carpool will be much more pleasant.