Benefits of carpooling



It won't be a secret but carpooling is very social.

Cost effective


Both the organization and the attendants are having lowers costs for transport.

Less cars

70% fewer cars

Carpooling is causing up to 70% fewer cars during peak hours

Carpooling has several advantages, which is why we will briefly explain them here.

First of all, it is a social event. Participants get to know each other and it might create friendships. In addition, it is also cost-effective for both the organization and the participants themselves. The organisation does not have to buy tickets for public transport and / or the participants can divide the costs by the number of people who travel along. This is of course not a requirement.
At carpooling we are also flexible, with which we can drive to the front door of the event, trip or weekend. Or it can be a challenging journey where the car stops a few kilometers further and the journey must be continued with a map and compass.

Anyone who says carpooling immediately thinks of our nature. If everyone shared the car with a few colleagues, there would be up to 70% fewer cars during peak hours. By carpooling, we can save more than a million liters of fuel per day. In addition, 3 kilotons of greenhouse gases (CO2) will be gone out of our air. That is the annual electricity consumption of nearly 3000 households.

  • Protect and enhance environment for future generations.
  • Share your car to lower our CO¬≤ pollution.


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